Understanding the Facebook Hiring Process

Published: 21st November 2011
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Many people wish to work at Facebook and pursue the profession within their dreams. But, a great number of job applicants guess that the hiring process at Facebook is a part of a maze through this they have to navigate.

Actually, it’s not a maze. It’s simply a blend of conventional and unconventional techniques, based on which department you’re applying to. And, as you might expect coming from a company that still contemplates itself as a “start up” operation, there appears to often be a little bit of chaos in the hiring system.

That may be, once you may happen to face a highly professional interviewer while, in a different situation, perhaps you receive a last-minute replacement interviewer who has no real interest in the actual procedure. Evidently, this could easily become a bit frustrating for a job applicant.
However, under the confusion, there is a definite employment process set up that would allow you to navigate the interview and hiring waters safely. We describe that process below, but you’ll find a great deal more depth inside our eBook, How to Get a Job at Facebook. We conduct the heavy lifting to suit your needs, thus you don’t have to spend time and finances searching the world wide web to put together scattered information.

The book results in information straight from the mouths of current and former Facebook employees. And you’ll be able to apply it regardless of what type of work you’re attracted to – Online marketing, Internet Security, tech writer, sysadmin, customer care, programmer, etc.
So, please read on to gain a sample of the in-depth information sold in How to Get a Job atFacebook.

The Facebook Job Application/Hiring Process
In regard to overall Facebook hiring procedure, one applicant perhaps thought of it as best: “Expect to whiteboard, present case studies and show great qualifications.”

Here’s the ultimate process:
  • Phone interview(s) – this, of course, is usually to screen you in or out as a considerate candidate.
  • First on-site interview – this is certainly to experiment your understanding, skills, and capability at the deeper level.
  • Second on-site interview – this is often to determine your
    personality and fit with Facebook. They definitely want to see a good experience of their culture.
  • Third on-site interview – they describe the specifics of a typical position and supply a tour of the office.
  • Follow-up call – If they’re very curious about you, they can often email you inside of a day in order to verify references.
  • Offer is made.

However, as pointed out above, this procedure may vary from department to department and may even not happen in a very straight-forward fashion.

If there’s one central principle to consider throughout
the Facebook interviewing and hiring process, it’s this: Anticipate to offer proof of your expertise and abilities! This is certainly true of several different businesses, of course, but Facebook puts an explicit emphasis on it.

What really can they ask? Here are some instances of questions for you personally:
  • Account Manager: “Every company like ours consists of a value proposition due to its advertisers. What’s Facebook’s value proposition to our advertisers?”
  • User Operations Analyst: “Which elements of Facebook do you use the most and why?”
  • Internet Marketing Analyst: “What do you know about Facebook’s unique selling proposition?”
  • Software Engineer: “Given a Binary Search Tree, iterate on the elements without needing recursion.
  • Research Scientist: “Why don’t you compose a part of code that finds anagrams?”
  • Product Manager: “What would you conclude that of XYZ company?”
  • Online Sales Operations: “What new features do you bring that will benefit both Facebook users and advertisers?”

As notice from the partial list above, gaining a considerable amount of details on the hiring process if you already download How to Get a Job at Facebook. This ebook provides a laser-like focus on the entire hiring process at Mark Zuckerberg’s famed Web 2.0 company, the dominant social network on the Web. Thinking that, after that, delivers a better occasion to pursue cutting-edge work, make higher salaries, and receive probably the greatest benefit packages around!

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